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For most people, buying and selling a home or investment can be the most significant transactions of their lives. It’s crucial to identify and then trust your transaction to the very best. 

Here’s why you should choose Brandon Long.  

Skill & Experience  Brandon offers an unmatched combination of education, real estate law experience, finance experience, negotiation skills, community knowledge, excellent Internet tools and the love for helping people fulfill their dreams. Brandon is known and respected for his integrity, professionalism and highly personalized service throughout industry professionals. This reputation offers his buyers the competitive edge.  

A Record of Exceptional Results  Brandon is a full time professional results-focused broker. Brandon has been repeatedly ranked in the top 1% Nationwide, Top Producers Magazine, Realtor Magazine, San Diego Magazine, HGTV Home Improvement Specialists and many media publications over the years. When you work with Brandon you are working with a broker many local agents look too for coaching.

Powerful & Innovative  Brandon offers one of the most innovative and comprehensive buying approaches in all of San Diego County. Brandon’s clients take advantage of his creativity, and alternative methods when negotiating. It’s not uncommon for Brandon’s clients to be amazed they won the offer process, or they purchase the property for less than they anticipated.  

Professional Resources  When you work with Brandon the available resources are unlimited. From financing assistance, transaction specialist, legal advice, tax professionals, negotiating partners, and even improvement assistance. Brandon is not afraid to leverage his associates to assist his clients.

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Brandon also offers private financing!

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