Commercial Services

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Brandon Long provides the highest quality commercial real state services available.   Analysis/Valuation.  Brandon is committed to your success, knowledgeable and thorough analysis of your property (whether a single asset or portfolio) backed by historical data as well as current market trends. We can help you define goals and objectives for your investments that are tailored to your unique situation.   Find the perfect commercial real estate in San Diego with Regional Realty Corporate Office as your real estate agent - 619-990-3179 Brokerage.  Extensive commercial real estate experience and unparalleled market knowledge through the acquisition, disposition, or leasing of commercial property. Time and again, our clients have been successful with our intelligent marketing strategies.  Market Research.  Using the latest tools and techniques, our research team is always highly knowledgeable when it comes to present market trends. This market intelligence is crucial to our clients' ability to make well-informed decisions.  Landlord Representation.  For property owners, our staff forges savvy, targeted marketing plans employing the most effective tools for identifying potential tenants. Once we define these targeted tenants, we choose the most effective channels of communication to reach the decision makers, make sure they are acquainted with your available space, and stand by you in the remainder of the lease-up process.