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Rental Management

Regional Property Management    SCOPE OF SERVICES — Property Management  ACCOUNTING & REPORTING   •Detailed income and expense management with comprehensive records. Bill payment, insurance review, tax assessment review, preparation of annual 1099 and W-2 requirements.  •Monthly financial, maintenance, and inspection reporting to all owners.   REPAIR & MAINTENANCE   •Maintenance and grounds inspection, preventative maintenance, and energy conservation measures.  •Regional Realty & Investments Inc. provides third party experienced, licensed, and insured vendors for maintenance and repairs. This reduces your costs and significantly improves quality control and efficiency. For larger projects, we leverage our entire portfolio when negotiating contracts at a discounted rate and pass those savings along to you.  •In many cases, Regional Realty & Investments Inc. effectively manages property that is encumbered by numerous code violations, encroachment, zoning, and permit issues. We work directly with city inspectors to make sure that the issues are corrected, problematic tenants are replaced, and rents are restored. We are highly experienced in supervising all the repairs, renovations, and inspections by multiple agencies in record time.   VACANCY    •Regional Realty & Investment’s Inc. provides complete, expeditious vacancy turnover services from move-out to move-in. All leasing, maintenance, repairs, cleaning, and improvements are performed according to agreed upon instructions. The industry vacancy turnover rate is averaging approximately 2 weeks in today's market, depending upon such factors as the condition of the unit and needed repairs, quality of amenities, market availability, and competitive market rents.   RENT STABILIZATION ORDINANCE    •Regional Realty & Investments Inc. brings significant experience and expertise to the management of your rental property. We are well versed in all management policies and procedures and the specific eviction processes required for tenants in these properties. We have been very successful in restoring rents back to current market values in record time. We take the responsibility of maximizing your asset value very seriously, especially in today's market.   EXTENDED SERVICES   •Extended services include: Asset Advisory consulting services, court-appointed receivership, acquisitions / dispositions, 1031 exchange coordination, due diligence, renovation management, construction / development, liability & risk management, energy conservation retrofitting, utility auditing, mortgage auditing, refinancing coordination, property tax assessment appeals, curative title work, management of fire, earthquakes, or other natural disaster damage (reports, insurance claims, reconstruction), squatter removal, REAP removal, code compliance, evictions, expert witness, , and more.    THE LEASING PROCESS     Step One Regional Realty & Investments Inc. will inspect the property while preparing marketing strategies best suited for your property. Vacancies with digital photos, tours, and property features are highlighted in appropriate conventional advertising channels; as well as the Internet and social media, including Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, and much more; and new media, including SMS, MMS, and mobile phone apps.  Step Two Your vacancies are featured where renters can search for properties based on specified criteria, schedule a tour, text or email the listing information, and fill out a rental application. Our website is also optimized for mobile phone use. Much of our resources are focused on website linking and SEO, steering web traffic directly to your vacancy.   Step Three Expert in-house leasing agents also employ the Internet, social media, and new media to maintain and connect with potential leads, offering personal tours of your vacancies 7 days a week.  Step Four  We qualify applicants based on income & employment verification; rental history with landlord reference; and credit worthiness based on timely payment of credit accounts, bankruptcies, foreclosures, repossessions, collections, and evictions. Criminal background and personal references are also checked. Rigorous screenings result in fewer evictions. We have extensive experience with the lengthy procedures and policies required of Section 8 tenants, shortening the process, minimizing administration, and protecting your interests.  Step Five  Upon screening approval and payment, any necessary lease structuring, such as staggering lease maturity to minimize turnover risk to the owner in a single month, is considered.  Step Six  Applicant executes lease, is warmly welcomed and informed of all rules, regulations, and necessary information. Deposits are handled per owner instructions.  Step Seven  Before actual move-in, our leasing agents schedule a walk-through with the tenant to fill out a Move-In Move-Out Inspection form. Upon tenant move-out, we inspect the unit and refer back to this form to calculate any damages to be deducted from the security deposit. A report and net deposit refund is mailed to the tenant within 14 days.  Step Eight  Thereafter, tenants have the option to conveniently pay their rent.      Are you sold on Regional yet?  We pride ourselves on our ability to retain quality tenants, as retention in today's market is even more critical than filling vacancies with new tenants. All inquires are addressed and resolved promptly.   Our strict enforcement of rent collection is supported by automated serving and phone calls when necessary. Our 0.2% default rate is attributed to our unwavering commitment to rent collection.                "As many of you know I am against traditional property management. I have developed a program for a landlord as a landlord. I have developed a program for a property owner to maintain maximum monthly occupancy with the least money out of pocket possible. Isn's it time that a property management company has the landlord’s primary financial interest in mind?"                                                                                                         -Brandon Long   Broker: Brandon Long  Email:  Phone: 619-990-3179